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                         Now Available - the "Unit and 1/2" !!
Ameri-Can Portables now offers a totally new unit you can supply for your workers.
We are leading the way with the first truly unique offering for work site sanitation!
Our unit features not only the standard toilet but a urinal discretely seperated from it, 
a handwash sink with soap and hand towels, and most importantly. lots of ROOM !!!!
And now, fllush tanks are available as well!
A true "rest" room, at a reasonable price.
This is not just another "johnny come lately", but a standard of quality , convenience
and comfort not previously seen on the worksite.


At long last - comfort in portable sanitation !!!

ROOM !!!!

*to remove coveralls or coats
*to hang your tool pouch
*to hang up coveralls or coats
*to move about freely
*to safely operate a heater in winter 

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